caTchIng a gliMpsE

ca T ch I ng a gli M psE

a narrative of seventy woodblock prints

The seventy 6″ x 6″ woodcuts included in this narrative explore the contrast between order, spontaneity and balance.  These same woodblocks are pictured as individual images in Capturing MAgic, where they investigate the Japanese concept of MA, a term describing the open space of time.  Now placed together in groups, on five 30” x 42” sheets of paper and as one 150” x 30” large piece, the woodblocks continue to transcend additional Japanese design principles. The principles include wabi and sabi, that emphasize abstract qualities including a sense of unlimited boundaries and suggest infinity in the mind of the viewer, minimalism and asymmetry.

The group of five prints, can also be placed together and be seen as one large print, introduce a narrative to the imagery. The story is woven together through image order, placement and the empty areas of the page.  The viewer retains ownership of the narrative, as they develop their own story based on their own experiences.