Printed Constructions

By dissecting sections of my woodcuts and silkscreens, I layer my excised images together creating dimensional, cutout, constructed pieces.  The overlapping shapes and compositions made by removing sections and exposing the lower levels of my images, presents a new dynamic, that gives physical depth to my initially flat prints.  My fascination and use of mapping becomes evident through marks made by the arrangement of different layers and topographic patterns. Representing a new approach to my printmaking practice, this body of work traces the evolvement of my reconfigured prints and physically melds my traditional and digital art practices together.

This new trajectory has changed my approach to making my prints, as I produce works to be shown as silkscreens, woodcuts and also as source materials for my uniquely constructed pieces.  By manipulating my printed surfaces through layering and paper cutting, I am cognizant of how my images can be physically maneuvered.  This heightened awareness of cutting/carving and manipulating my images plays a pivotal role in how I am assembling my pieces and their craftsmanship.