Artist Books

My artist books use my printed imagery in novel ways, giving me the chance to present my prints in a hand-held, tangible manner.  My books display my prints in a “readable” way, as I create permutations of my letter forms seen page by page or as an extended, complete image.   This format offer me the chance to experiment and explore the print as an object, the print as a page, as a single unit and a spread, relating to adjacent images.  By extracting segments of my imagery, the artist book provides a way to see through multiple pages, heightening preview and recollection and expand upon my use of surface, transparency and accentuated forms.

My image making and printing process gives me additional materials to work with, including printed masking sheets and stencils.  Using these materials pushes me to think outside the box, taking chances with my books that can eventually be woven into my stand alone prints.