•  Think Scrabble but instead substitute 1” x 1” square abstract glyph tiles derived from letterforms, symbols and charting systems extracted from Western, Middle Eastern, Far Eastern, Meso-American writing systems for recognizable letters. When assembled in different permutations, the tiles combine to create ideal, imaginary environments structured by different matrixes, overlaying grids and patterns alluding to systems, conditions, structures and signage.

Upon paring down my imagery to its most simplistic unit, a 1” x 1” square different scenarios occur, that when seen individually or joined together in new combinations emulate urban utopias.  Each square is highly detailed and patterned,   easily interrelating with similar one-inch forms, that resemble pictographs. The intricacy of my imagery is further heightened in my printing process, as I overlay multiple related woodblocks together. These complex prints alluding to my interests in urbanization, architecture, maps, diagrams, Asian print culture, Asian and Islamic calligraphy, patterning, textiles and signage.