Labyrinths: AMazeMeant


A labyrinth is a crossroads of symbols, the departure point for countless metaphors.  Roland Barthes

The idea of inscribing a line mimicking a path in search of the center, represents a journey that we all take, with each passage offering new insights and turns that may change directions, but not the eventual result.  How we learn from “dead ends” and celebrate when we eventually find “the right one”, becomes a metaphor for both artistic and life lessons.  This journey emphasizes attention, markings, memory, connection and containment.  The process involves looking from the outside in and the inside out.  It forces us to go between the start of something and its end, with the correct journey becoming a visual palindrome.

A labyrinth becomes

  • a graphic sign, that assumes meaning within a context, but alone has none, and can thus lead to endless possible meanings. The broken line, the curve, the meander are all at the core of its complexities, as much as the system of the alphabet. Similar to a prohibited text, but behind the barrier we see a multitude of letters.
  • Its structure, patterning and context becomes a vessel for history, as its materials and planning throughout the ages becomes a significant way to convey stories of the past.
  • Its physical being is a compressed form, never to been seen n its elongated entirety.

Through dissecting, extracting and layering parts of my Alphabetic Excursion prints, I have created a series of combined relief, silkscreens and digital prints that emphasize a labyrinth visually and metaphorically.  The complicated construction of these prints offers both a vertical and aerial perspective of a labyrinth, which in these prints, there are no exits.