Reflections within the Grid, a print installation of forty 12″ x 16″ laser cut woodblock prints.

Reflections within the Grid: Woodcuts

Forty  Laser Cut Multi-block Color Woodcut Prints

Over the past several years, I have researched how to integrate digital technologies with traditional printmaking methods, specifically addressing the technical and conceptual similarities found between woodcut and laser fabrication. I was interested in exploring how technology could expand upon my current marking systems and introduce new effects that are customarily not found in my my work.  By developing my work using digital imaging and employing laser fabrication as a carving tool, I am now able to manipulate my surfaces in novel ways.  This has resulted in finely drawn, patterned and textured photographic-like color woodblocks with extremely precise registration.  I have introduced the use of photography directly into my prints as I explore new ways to manipulate my blocks, printing surfaces and their methods of presentation through laser cutting.  

Reflections within the Grid is a group of forty multi-color laser cut woodcut prints displayed in a grid format. Within the grid, there are four distinct groups of images, that through subject, order, positioning, and omission of layers, show the transition within the series. Different variations of each image occur because of the layering involved in making the woodcut images and the omission of specific layers in each variation. My choice of paper color also effects how each print is viewed, for the same color inks are used throughout all variations of each series. These images are generated from photographs taken of designer store windows and facades, including Corso Como, Shanghai (Reflections within the Grid #3, Mont Blanc, Shanghai (Reflections within the Grid #4) and Christian Dior, Tokyo (Reflections within the Grid #5).