Word Maps: Silkscreens

Word Maps (2011-13), a series of woodcut, silkscreen, digital, chine-colle, and constructed images, underscores my working process of reconfiguring and layering my prints. Combining different aspects of my reworked drawings, this series has branched into several groups of different print media, or the combination thereof, with my relief prints serving as the key image for constructed pieces and interdependently developed screened images. My methodical approach involves continually regrouping these images, reworking them into different compositions, moving extracted forms into various matrices to indicate time, and movement, and printing them in different orders, and combinations. My use of mapping becomes evident in these prints, for through marks determined by the arrangement of different layers and glyphs, topographic patterns become a motif throughout the series. The subsequent work has developed into triptychs, chine-colle woodcuts, colorful silkscreen prints, a gridded silkscreen installation, and large-scale digital prints. Representing a new multi-faceted approach to my imagery, this body of work traces the evolvement of my reconfigured prints and physically melds my traditional and digital art practices. My woodcuts, constructions, digital prints, and silkscreens have already been exhibited in a number of shows, debuting in Word Maps: Vicky Essig, Heather Gordon, Paul Rousso and Merrill Shatzman, Green Hill Center for North Carolina Art in Greensboro, NC from February 3 – April 1, 2012.