My sketchbooks and drawings serve very different purposes.

My drawings are used for preplanning my prints, especially when working with detailed images.  My approach to my drawings varies, as I physically copy and collage drawn images together in creating preparatory pieces for my prints.  So as to use my handmade drawings digitally, I will  refine them using digital imaging programs and then layer them in silkscreens or in different ways using a laser cutter.  The surfaces and scale of my drawings is larger than my sketchbooks, and I will use mylar and paper as different surfaces.

 My sketchbooks are used for grouping conceptual drawings together, as I spontaneously work on a related body of images, with     their presentation relying on the small, intimate scale of a book.  I have only recently begun to draw in sketchbooks, previously using them to write out my ideas. My books are organized by broad subjects, including urban utopias and lyrical branching patterns.  There will be more come….

Majestic Encounters: Fire, Drawing, 84″ x 60″, 2018

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